Insurance industry expertise - Finland Country Report 2024

As an insurance broker, Firstbrokers is committed to offer to its customers reliable and best possible services. This requires that we keep up to date with changes in the insurance industry. We are experts in the field in Finland, and that’s why we are also able to help our multinational customers find the best insurance and employee benefit solutions exactly for their needs.

We share our expertise, for example, by preparing an annual market overview of insurance and employee benefits in Finland - Finland Country Report. The latest report for 2024 is now out. The extensive report offers international companies a good overview of Finland's Social Security, Taxation, Workers’ Compensation, Pension Insurance and Fringe Benefits. The newest addition is a section on Fringe Benefits.

We send the report to our customers annually. It is considered a valuable resource that allows our customers to make better informed decisions regarding insurance and employee benefits. If you are interested to get the report, please contact


Firstbrokers Oy was founded in 1989 and is thus the first insurance brokerage company in Finland. Customers are Finnish SMEs and subsidiaries of international companies. Firstbrokers Oy is also the most international insurance broker in Finland, as it is a member of several global insurance broker networks. This enables business customers to provide risk management, insurance and employee benefits services easily, cost-effectively and reliably in more than 110 countries. Firstbrokers Oy covers its customers' business and employees in all industries. Firstbrokers Oy continuously manages the risk management, insurance and employee benefits of more than 200 companies, and has already served more than a thousand companies during its 35 years of operation. We've got you covered!