Firstbrokers Oy was established in 1989 as the first insurance broking firm in Finland. Since then we have served more than 1000 corporate clients both Finnish and international. We continue to serve global subsidiaries and SME clients in Finland.

Firstbrokers Oy holds a license from Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) in Finland to mediate both life and non-life insurances. We are continuously supported by our strong company economy (credit rate AA+, Asiakastieto since 2007).

Firstbrokers Oy is a founding member of Finnish Insurance Brokers Association (FIBA) and  
also member of Finnish Risk Management Association and several other international chambers and associations in Finland.

Firstbrokers Oy is a most international broking firm in Finland co-operating with the biggest insurance brokers and insurance companies in the world and member of world’s fourth largest insurance brokers network WBN and many other networks and alliances around the world. When it comes to broking in Finland we are known worldwide.